✞Rest in peace✞

(Translation from a post by Kaffekop on the danish MJ fan forum moo-walkers.com)

In these moments it’s been a year since you left our world. It’s been a year since you withdrew to a better place, a place where people arent mean to eachother, a place where the lust for money and power is none-existant, a place where only l.o.v.e. exists.

You gave all that you had, and we – your fans – is profoundly gratefull to the gift that your music is.
We’ve lost you, but you’ve given us so much that is eternal. But it’s not just the music that we remember and honour today. It’s also the person behind the music, Michael Joseph Jackson. You’ve been a source of inspiration to thousands of persons around the world.
You where truly not only the King of Pop but also the King of Hearts!
Life is a challange – you faced that challange and you never gave up.

Thank you for everything and rest in peace.