Book: Treasures

February 28, 2010

Michael Jackson – Treasures is a very special book as it contains not only pictures and writing, but also a huge pile of removable memorabilia (all reproduced) such as posters, documents, tickets, backstagespasses and postcards. Further more you also get the documentary “Devotion” that is attached on the back of the frontcover of the book.

Treasures - Frontcover

Treasures - Frontcover

I was immideatly drawn to this book, as I saw it lying there wrapped up on a shelf in the bookstore.
The cover is really solid, and the sparkling letters are textured into the book. To make it clear that this book is worth the money, it is protected by a paper-obi with big letters saying “limited edition – exclusive collectors object”, and the whole book is bound in plastic so it can’t be opened.

Treasures - First page

Treasures - First page

As you open the book you are greeted by the first removable stuff including a foreword by a famous Michael Jackson fan (differs depending on country). The documentary is not remarkable, but it’s touching and it’s made with respect.

The book draws a very good picture of how Michaels life was like. Theres a lot of pictures that you don’t see often (a few rarities), and the writer is doing his best to stay objective. Everything important is mentioned in the book including a little about the trials and the “plastique”-stuff. These parts are not graphic and detailed, and they’re based on the speculations that we all did back then, and on commentaries from Michael himself. It’s very respectfully done!

Treasures - Memorabilia pages example

Treasures - Memorabilia pages example

The book has 25 pieces of removable memorabilia, and they are all “treasured” in a little see-through paperpocket with a simple closing unit at the top. On the left page is a fitting picture and a description of the memorabilia contained in the pocket. The memorabilia is amazing – They’ve really tried to simulate the textures of the letters and tickets, and it’s an incridible feeling to take out these “real” documents and tickets, and study them with all you’re senses.

Treasures - Posters

Treasures - Posters

Treasures - Yearbook, Newsletter, Certificate, Stationary, Dangerous Mask

Treasures - Yearbook, Newsletter, Still picture, Certificate, Stationary, Dangerous Mask

Treasures - CBS Pressrelease, Patent, Weddingcertificate, Will, Deathcertificate

Treasures - CBS Pressrelease, Patent, Weddingcertificate, Will, Deathcertificate

Treasures - Tickets and Backstagespasses

Treasures - Tickets and Backstagespasses

All in all, this book is a definit buy for any fan. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s worth the money as it’s so different from any other book about Michael Jackson.



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  1. Michael said


    Can you recommend the book?
    What did it cost?

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